‘The future is not the end point of a set of branching chain reactions; it is a cascade experiment.’-K. BARAD

 ︎LIVE Artists reimaginE
the futureS of art AND ARTS PRACTICE. 
A COVID-19 online 
artist residency.


How might art futures flourish in a viral world? Community Transmissions is an artist-run initiative that asks ‘so now, what next?’ A digital space for viral thinking, intra-active worlding, utopic experimentation and speculative POSSIbilities as we adapt ARTS PRACTICE to an uncertain future.

Community Transmissions is a online residency for live artists based in Australia. This funded, six week program provides support, stimulus and a digital community to artists exploring ideas arising from, and responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. It is directed towards artists from any discipline who use live and/or participatory engagement in their work. 

The pandemic has highlighted the fragility of Australia’s arts and cultural sector. This crisis raises existential questions about the future of artistic practice as we face restrictions on how and where work can be made, presented and engaged with.

In this unfolding social, economic and ecological upheaval, what agency do we have to imagine and create post-pandemic futures? What digital dreams/nightmares/visions has COVID sparked or disrupted? How might we move from states of emergency into states of emergence?

Encouraging the development of new works, collaborations, and initiatives, we invite live artists based in Australia to join us in the experiment as we reimagine/ reconfigure / adapt / dismantle / disrupt / repair / regenerate art and its expectations to explore future visions of the pandemic imaginary and its bodies/intimacies/ temporalities / velocities / spectres / intimacies / ecologies across all types of research and practice.

Community Transmissions is facilitated from Naarm/Melbourne on the lands of the Wurundjeri and Boon Wurrung people of the Kulin Nations. Sovereignty has never been ceded and we pay respect to the strength and depth of knowledge held by the elders of this country, those who came before, those here now, and those on their way. 

Applications close 11.59PM AEST June 26/2020 

Residency commences July 2020

More details below, or Apply here 

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“If an oracle were to exist, it would surely foresee extreme precariousness, home exhibitions, new modes of making, chaotic writing and a severe backlash that will see us returning to social practice, radical intimacy, community building, and pigeon post. The future is morose yet thrilling, like a toxic relationship leading to self-annihilation. Words and images will persevere while we crumble under unpaid wages and mysterious ailments. This may be an uncivil attempt at optimism but faith is delusional since times immemorial.
Let us grieve the present, and celebrate the future.” - D. RAMIREZ 2020

The program WILL:

  • Provide a digital lab space for participant collaboration, radical experimentation and arts practice adaptation admist COVID.
  • Provide participants with a diverse online community and exposure to industry and thought leaders.
  • Provide an evolving collection of resources focussed on residency themes of art, futures and adaptation in a time of pandemic.  
  • Provide Participants with digital platforms through webiste/zoom/social media pages for the exhibition and/or presentation of new works/ideas/methodologies.
  • Assert the role of art and artists in navigating complex socio-ecological challenges
  • Assert the agency of artists and the wider cultural sector in imagining and new future pathways through pandemic / crisis.

The program includes:

  • Weekly themes and accompanying readings, discussions, group explorations.
  • Regular prompts for new individual project developments.
  • Weekly facilitated Zoom workshops with the participant group.
  • Exposure to Weekly guest speakers: local and international arts practitioners and thought leaders from diverse arts organisations, curatorial and research practices.
  • Experimentation for trialling new modes of artistic development, collaboration and presentation.
Community Transmissions is initiated and facilitated by Melbourne based transdisciplinary artists Ana Tiquia and Luna Mrozik Gawler.



Community Transmissions is a six week funded residency that provides support, stimulus and a digtal community to artists exploring the possible futures of art. 

Participants will be joined by a range of guest speakers from diverse curatorial, artistic and research backgrounds through weekly workshops and discussions. 

Applications close 11.59PM AEST, Friday June 26, 2020

Apply here.

Duration / Structure

Eight Australian-based artists will be accepted into the residency which will run for six weeks, starting in July 2020.

Each participant will join the residency with an area of interest to focus on, and will engage with the practices and projects of other participants throughout the duration. Participants will engage in collaborative dialogue and experimentation.

Artists in residence are free to work at their own pace but are required to participate in weekly discussions and workshops.


Community Transmissions is open to live artists based in Australia with practices at any stage of development. This includes artists working across performance, installation, participatory, durational, experimental, trans/multi/interdisciplinary formats. 

Community Transmissions is committed to creating inclusive futures. We particularly encourage artists who experience reduced access to arts opportunities to apply, as well as artists who face financial or social hardships as a result of COVID-19.


This is a funded residency with each resident receiving a participant fee of $1000 AUD.

Deliverables/ Presentation Opportunities 

Community Transmissions is an opportunity to create new work, adapt current practices and develop new collaborations. Participants are expected to publicly present their residency outcomes as they evolve or emerge during the residency period. Applicants should have an idea of what they want to explore, but not necessarily where it will take them.

Outcomes may include but are not limited to:

- presentation of work or work in progress
- future visions for individual practice or live art 

- an artist talk
- experimental methodologies