“If an oracle were to exist, it would surely foresee extreme precariousness, home exhibitions, new modes of making, chaotic writing and a severe backlash that will see us returning to social practice, radical intimacy, community building, and pigeon post. The future is morose yet thrilling, like a toxic relationship leading to self-annihilation. Words and images will persevere while we crumble under unpaid wages and mysterious ailments. This may be an uncivil attempt at optimism but faith is delusional since times immemorial.
Let us grieve the present, and celebrate the future.” - D. RAMIREZ 2020

The program WILL:

  • Provide a digital lab space for participant collaboration, radical experimentation and arts practice adaptation admist COVID.
  • Provide participants with a diverse online community and exposure to industry and thought leaders.
  • Provide an evolving collection of resources focussed on residency themes of art, futures and adaptation in a time of pandemic.  
  • Provide Participants with digital platforms through webiste/zoom/social media pages for the exhibition and/or presentation of new works/ideas/methodologies.
  • Assert the role of art and artists in navigating complex socio-ecological challenges
  • Assert the agency of artists and the wider cultural sector in imagining and new future pathways through pandemic / crisis.

The program includes:

  • Weekly themes and accompanying readings, discussions, group explorations.
  • Regular prompts for new individual project developments.
  • Weekly facilitated Zoom workshops with the participant group.
  • Exposure to Weekly guest speakers: local and international arts practitioners and thought leaders from diverse arts organisations, curatorial and research practices.
  • Experimentation for trialling new modes of artistic development, collaboration and presentation.
Community Transmissions is initiated and facilitated by Melbourne based transdisciplinary artists Ana Tiquia and Luna Mrozik Gawler.